By-laws of the FMAM Society
Article 1: The name of the society shall be the "FMAM Society" (hereinafter called the gSocietyh).

Article 2: The Society shall strive to measure fetal movement non-invasively over the long term, shall conduct scientific studies (hereinafter called gStudiesh), and shall eventually establish the usefulness of fetal movement information as a clinical test method during the perinatal period.

Article 3: To achieve the objectives given in Article 2, the Society shall:
(1) promote the exchange of information about fetal movement study,
(2) promote the sharing of useful information on fetal movement studies by collecting and analyzing such studies,
(3) engage in the improvement, promotion, and educational support of fetal movement recording systems, including analytical software (hereinafter called the gSystemh) using a noninvasive passive acceleration sensor,
(4) accumulate fetal movement information collected by those using the System and construct a fetal movement information database,
(5) share the fetal movement information database described above and apply it to further fetal movement study.

Article 4:
1. Members of the Society shall be composed of:
(1) Associations and individual researchers (hereinafter called gMembersg) who agree with the objectives of the Society and who cooperate and participate in the Studies,
(2) Corporate entities and individuals (hereinafter called gCorporate Membersh) who agree with the objectives of the Society and who cooperate and participate in the development and spread of the System.
2. Applicants shall submit a membership application form to the Secretariat. The administrators of the Society shall examine the application forms and determine if admission shall be permitted. Upon such determination, the Secretariat shall contact the applicant and existing members.

Article 5: The Society shall not be liable for any damage or disadvantage that may be incurred by use of the System, or from interruption of any study resulting from a lack of supply of the System (under certain circumstances).

(Obligations of Membership)
Article 6: Members of the Society shall observe the following:
(1) Members shall report to the board of administrators any changes in research topics agreed upon at the time of admission.
(2) Members shall report to the Society after announcing study plans, shall submit study data, and shall cooperate to improve the System.
(3) Corporate Members shall report whenever improvements in the System are made.
(4) Members shall neither sell nor transfer the System to a third party.

Article 7: The Society shall have following officers:
(1) Officers shall consist of one (1) chairman and several administrators. The administrators shall be elected upon approval by a majority of the voters present at a General Meeting.
(2) The chairman shall be elected by the administrators.
(3) The chairman shall represent and lead the Society.
(4) Officers shall hold office for one (1) year and shall be eligible for reappointment.

(General Meetings)
Article 8: The chairman shall convene annual General Meetings of the Society, inviting Members and Corporate Members.

(Amendment of By-laws)
Article 9: Amendment to the by-laws of the Society shall be authorized by the board of administrators.

Article 10: The Secretariat of the Society shall be located at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, 2-1-6, Kamikitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

(Enacted on December 1, 2009)