Woman gAh

I was pregnant with my second child.
I used the new recorder during the fourth and fifth months prior to birth.
When I was first shown the recording device, I was skeptical that it could really record anything, but after seeing the results and hearing the explanation, I thought it was very, very interesting!
Fortunately, this was my second pregnancy and there was no trouble, but on occasion it was difficult to feel any fetal movement, so I can see how nice it would be to be able to easily check the recording.
I think it might be difficult to give a device like this to many women, but since it is important for the baby and a great comfort for the mother, I hope this project is successful.
It's been two years since I used the device to monitor my pregnancy, and I suspect that the new recorders are smaller and more convenient.
How about making little pink, heart-shaped sensors? That would be so nice....

Woman gBh

I am an obstetrician myself, and I participated in designing the FMAM.
Until just a few days ago I was pregnant, too, so I wanted to try out the new device for myself.
After I started using the recorder, I became much more sensitive to the baby's movements, and I was very happy to think to myself, gOh, there's a kick on the left side,h or gAh, hiccups are starting.h
By using the fetal recorder, I felt an increased awareness of fetal movement and its meaning, something beyond the medical information I was accustomed to.
On the other hand, though, late pregnancy usually means more trips to the bathroom at night, and it was always a chore carrying the recorder with me, so I could see the benefit of a cordless system.
Medically speaking, the sensors are designed to monitor fetal movement, so as the research progresses, there is a good possibility that we will be able to use the device with many women to determine if their babies are healthy.
I think many people should have a chance to experiment and try using the recorder for themselves.
The FMAM Study Group hopes that those visiting this site will understand our enthusiasm and join us.
Please contact us at the address given.

Woman gCh

I have two children now, and I participated in the FMAM recorder trials during both pregnancies.
I'm happy to say that both of my pregnancies were very normal and the prenatal check-ups were easy.
But I always had an uncomfortable feeling that an ultrasound exam lasting only a few minutes was not enough, just in case something happened.
But by using the FMAM recorder at home in addition to the ultrasound exam, I could easily check the baby's activity and be assured that my pregnancy was going all right.
According to the ultrasound exam, both my children were developing about the same way, but according to the FMAM recorder, I could clearly see that the two babies were developing much differently at the same gestational week.
Also, since I could confirm the difference by myself, it created a stronger connection between us.
It was a very special experience to use the FMAM recorder and observe the babies' growth from a different point of view.
These days in Japan, there seem to be fewer clinics and obstetricians, but by making good use of this new recording system, I hope we can help many more families in the future.