The FMAM Study Group was established in 2009 to study how best to promote fetal well-being by analyzing fetal movement recorded primarily overnight at home.
For this purpose, we developed A new patented fetal movement recording device (see Patent No in academic activities).
In the current system, as shown in the drawing, one sensor slightly larger than a 500 yen coin is attached to the pregnant woman's abdomen to detect the movements of the baby (fetal movement).
Another sensor, attached to her thigh, is used to record her own movement.
The resulting recording is later analyzed by a computer.
Our members include obstetricians, midwives, medical equipment developers, and medical equipment manufacturers.
We have developed this method of recording, and we are now developing the necessary analytical methods and beginning to do research using this approach.
We feel that this new research method deserves to be widespread in perinatal research.

FMAM stands for Fetal Movement Acceleration Measurement.
The FMAM Study Group has set up this site to recruit researchers who can help us accomplish the purposes set forth above.
If you are interested in this exciting new avenue of research, please contact our office at the address given below.@

F-MAM Society, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science,
Kamikitazawa 2-1-6, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-8506